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MY BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY: YOU, YOUR needs, YOUR comfort level, and assisting YOU in YOUR decision-making
process. I'm a native Chicagoan, raised in the Uptown area to which I returned after residing in Vienna, Austria for seven years.
It was after my return to Uptown in 1978 that housing became a major focus of my life, resulting in related community activities
to preserve and improve housing stock, owning and operating properties, and ultimately, obtaining my real estate license in early
1992. During my years in Vienna, I worked with the diverse populations serving people through the United Nations efforts and
availed myself of the golden opportunity to become bilingual (German/English). The experiences gained in living outside my own
country have proven invaluable to me in respecting and understanding others. I affirm the beauty of cultural diversity, which is
another reason I LOVE CHICAGO!
Currently, I reside in St.Ben's/North Center in a home that my husband and I have rehabbed. Professionally, I am active with:
Women's Council of Realtors Agent Leadership Council of the Lincoln Square Market Center Education Chair for Lincoln
Square market center New agent trainer for the four Chicago offices Soon-to-be certified as a Regional Trainer for Keller
Williams My mission is to make your transaction as comfortable and pleasant as possible, in your time frame with the least
inconvenience to you. To achieve this, I spend my time listening to YOUR needs and wants, and tailoring our activities to
YOUR priorities.
Paulette Bezazian

Chicago Lincoln Square
2156 W Montrose Chicago,
IL 60618
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